About the photographs

They are mostly made with non-professional equipment. In order to make them easily usable for compositions or derived works, big resolution jpeg files are compressed with high quality settings and some pictures have its source raw files available for download.

I am publishing these photographs in the hope that they will be useful. At least more useful than resting in my archives where nobody else can view nor use them.

Copyright and legal information

Most photographs published here are released under a free license. The license is specified in the preview page for each image, be sure to check and understand the particular terms and conditions before using them.

Photographs may contain recognizable persons, property, images of commercial products or trademarks. Be careful if you want to use them. The photograph may be free under the copyright law, but there are other laws that may apply, and that vary from one country to another.

Contact with me if you want to use an image under different conditions.

Alone in the light

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